Interrail 2017 – The adventure begins

Interrail 2017 – The adventure begins

The rails ahead…

In the year 2000, me and Fannar had just graduated from the Commercial Collage of Iceland. We had been dating for less than a year. After graduation we decided to live in Copenhagen for the summer and try to find a job. After a week there we decided upon going to the central train station and buy ourselves an interrail ticket. Nothing was planned! We bought a tiny interrail guide book, hopped on the next train and had a wonderful month of travelling in Europe. Now, 17 years later, we are married, two daughters richer and about to head off for a new interrail adventure with our girls. Starting tomorrow – the 3rd of July!

For a short introduction of the wanderingelves please visit the about section.

The planning

We bought our Interrail tickets at They do offer family passes where kids under 12 travel for free and that applies for our younger one. For the older one we paid a “youth price” (12 – 27). We choose an 30 day pass with ten travel days – which mean you travel on 10 days within a period of 1 month.

Since we now have two children to care for there is “a bit” more planning going into this interrail trip than the first one.

For most high-speed, international and night trains a seat reservation has to be made (with extra cost). I must admit it surprised me a whole lot that in this time and age it is impossible in many countries to book seat reservation online. You have to go through a booking agency or do it at the railstation. For EuroStar tickets could be bought online but it is neccessary to have them printed out on arrival.

For easy planning of our travel we have downloaded the Rail Planner App. We are using and for finding accommodation.

Living on an island we obviously have to get to the mainland first. The first leg of the trip will therefore be flying to Paris with icelandair

Recommendation for us?

Do you have any recommendation for fun/interesting places to visit or family activities in the following cities/countries: Paris (France), Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, London (UK) or even in the neighboring countries. We would love to hear about it!

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