Thunderstorm in Aachen

While staying in Cologne we took a day trip to Aachen. Aachen is a smallish city close to the borders of Belgium and Netherlands. We had checked the weather forecast the night before and it was supposed to be dry and warm on our day of travel. Due to failure to check for updated forecast before leaving Cologne we ended up in unexpected rainstorm with thunder and lightnings. After being in Aachen for 15 minutes or so it started to pouring rain like crazy. Umbrellas and rain jackets had been left at the hotel so we were in no way prepared for this.
Escape was made into the next store/café and we started planning our immediate trip back to Cologne. After 30 minutes or so the sky cleared up and the weather turned out great. This was a quiet day for the family, just wandering the narrow streets in this cozy city. In front of the Aachen cathedral some street musicians were playing beautifully. Along the way we discovered amazing toy/model store which had wide variety of all kind of train models along with various different items.
The girls also had a blast jumping over the water from Elisenbrunnen

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