Innsbruck and the Alpine Zoo

Innsbruck and the Alpine Zoo

Transport and accomodation

The trip from Bern to Innsbruck took us about 4 hours. We were lucky do get seats as the train was pretty crowded. Due to discrepancies of information in the Rail app and on the Interrail website we were unsure if we needed seat reservation. We took our chances and were not even asked to show our tickets on the way.

Our accomodation for two nights was at Hotel Altpradl which is an old hotel with a soul. It was quite charming with nice enough room and fine breakfast but crappy wifi. It is in a walking distance from the main train station.

Unfortunately we did not have much time to explore the city. We only found accomodation for two nights and arrived late.

The water from designated drinking fountains (and tab water) tastes incredibly fresh. Make sure to have a bottle with you instead of store bought water.

The Alpen Zoo

We visited the Alpen Zoo and bought a combiticket to the zoo and the funicular that stops next to the zoo. It also gave access to the first section of the Hungerberg station so we were able to go there and get a city view.

The zoo is beautifully designed and the animals enclosures aim to feel natural. There is a restaurant and a playground in the zoo as well. It has 150 species that are or have been typical for the Alps. The girls were able to feed the sheeps and goats for a small donation. We had a nice time but had a small panic attack when we thought a vulture was about to attack us! Fortunately he was just trying to scare us since we were interrupting his dinner time.

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